dj/music producer

Kolkata-based 25years old DJ as well as Music Producer, EKSTAC33 has great fan followers for his lovable music. EKSTAC33 has started DJing as early as 16 i.e. since 2009. His learning and creative application of music turned this eternal passion into an understanding and dispersion of electronic music. His gift of being able to bind the body of his music to the soul of his audience makes him one of the most sought after DJs.

He is a state of mind.

He is the transporter of minds and souls to an amazing frantic paradise that, while leaving you knackered, strangely also leaves you feeling re-invigorated.

The audio impact allows your body to further immerse itself in the ecstasy he is submitting you to; your ears alone cannot possibly absorb everything that he is throwing at you.

As for his sound, imagine every track as a partially completed canvas. Through the use of effects on the mixing desk, ESKTAC33 adds his own colour, texture and feel as he maximises every beat of every track to create the unique Whitby sound. His precision mixing at incalculable speeds is part of the music; as each track mixes in ,you can positively feel up a notch to

keep up with the frantic and energetic DJ that has them all by the balls.

EKSTAC33’s blend of vocal uplifting bouncy house is like him: deliciously hard yet very accessible. You get to experience the ultimate unique sensation of him seeking your seal of approval. The sheer euphoria you feel is exceptional. And then at the end, breathless, skin tingling and with a grin on your face from ear to ear, you feel as though every drop of energy has been sucked right out of you, just like those few moments after one of the best orgasms of your life.

His eclectic style and ability to make various forms of music and experience a musical journey that ranges from Bollywood dance music to International EDM,House, Trance,Progressive,Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Uplifting Trance, Techno, and more.

His goal, he explains, is to give the listeners a new tastes of variety in musical world and different experience each time, but always taking them on that 2-6+ hours of exotic journey through sound, music.