dj/music producer

Kolkata-based 22 years old DJ as well as Music Producer, L3AD has rocked audiences and tastemakers in various college fests, corporate gigs, pubs, clubs and private parties. His eclectic style and ability to move a crowd allows party goers to experience a musical journey that ranges from Bollywood dance music to International EDM, Trap, House, Trance, Future Bass, Dubstep, Techno, Hardstyle, Pop and more.

L3AD’s work has been featured in such outlets as Accelerate Radio (IBIZA, UK.)

Highly sought-after, L3AD has performed major college events and clubs in Kolkata. He has also collaborated with various accomplished artists and DJs in various radio channels, events and performance settings.

His goal, he explains, is to give the crowd new tastes of variety in musical world and different experience each time, but always taking them on that 2-8+ hours of exotic journey through sound, music n dance.

Presently L3AD's works are featuring with SmartWay Entertainment and its associate partners.