Hi, here's your favourite artist Next Suspense. Actual official name is Soumitra Sil. Better known as Music Producer Next Suspense.

His musical journey was started from his childhood with the effort of his parents. But if the question is about as a DJ & a Music Producer as well, then it was started from 2011 / 2012 till now and obviously with the support of his parents. A dream to be something different and obviously something BIGGER.

Next Suspense prefer Quality than Quantity. That's why you can find his releases delayed. But the music you listen that's not only music, it's a mental state which is not just for some minutes and you can't listen to it's fullyness only with your ears, you have to hear it with all your body and soul also.

Next Suspense produces music of versatile genres, like Dance, Bollywood, Chillout, Trance and other kind of genres. It's an art of creation belongs from heart & mind of musician.

It was only a Hobby, then it becomes a Passion with Dedication. When the music is not just a hobby, it's the thing without the person can't live. Always remember you can leave music from your life, but music will not leave you alone. Because it's the thing which supports Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Depression and so on.

Life is one, so Live it Possitively and Musically also.

You can find me on Social Media

Facebook : facebook.com/soumitra.sil.17

Twitter : twitter.com/Next_Suspense

Instagram : instagram.com/next_suspense

To find tracks check out the following links :-

HearThis : hearthis.at/dj-4g-kolkata-np/

AudioMack : audiomack.com/artist/dj-4g-kolkata

SoundCloud : soundcloud.com/next_suspense-ns

Find on YouTube

YouTube : youtube.com/channel/UC-MX4Th6YgAR6sdqWgs_x0

Last but not the least..... To Collaborate for any project or anything mail the artist on nextsuspense@gmail.com